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Gerald Horton
Gerald Horton
 "5 Star Rated Wedding Photographer in New York" 
Capturing a couple’s love for each other is fulfilling and has been one of my dreams for a long time. Your first moments as husband and wife will be imprinted on your hearts forever as the best day of your life.
I like to capture the distinctive persona of each couple, the authentic moments, the fun and the emotion of the day. I love capturing those unguarded, candid moments and moments where something unexpected happens that results in a great photo that may turn out to be your most treasured memory.
Bring your vision to life...
I love building relationships with my clients and being creative. I want to bring your vision to life and help you create your story and your memories.
About Me
I am a husband, dad, part-time athlete, computer technician and a wedding photographer living with my family in the Bronx, New York. I have an outgoing personality and enjoy the challenge of trying to reach perfection. I like to dive right into new experiences. 

I am known as the “go-to guy” and I will literally try almost any type of food at least once. I enjoy learning new things, especially things outside of my normal comfort zone. Don’t dare me to try something – I will take you up on it. I pay attention to the smallest details and the bigger picture (no pun intended!).

What To Expect?
On your wedding day, you can expect a pleasing experience. I try to be patient with all my clients. I understand that working with a professional photographer may be something new, so I believe it’s important to explain the reason behind the poses and my vision. Here’s what one client had to say, “I appreciate how you take the time to explain why you wanted me in certain poses that may have felt awkward tome but translated beautifully on camera.

My goal is to make my clients as comfortable as possible. Relaxed clients equate to beautiful photos. This involves coaching, posing, laughing and a lot of listening. I believe it’s important to understand my client’s personality. I need to know what things someone will be comfortable doing and what is outside their comfort zone.
The Special Day...
Before the wedding day I will give a run-down of how I believe the day may progress. I try to give realistic expectations so that we all are on the same page. Weddings can be stressful for those in the wedding party, so I believe it’s important for me to keep the stress level to a minimum. 

 I pay very close attention to the bride and groom. I try to ensure they are enjoying their day. I keep them abreast of all my intentions and any changes in the schedule. My goal is a wedding day that’s filled for fond memory and terrific photos.
What My Customers Have Said...
"I was very satisfied with the way that you performed at my wedding. You were great with setting expectations beforehand and making sure that our schedule for the day maximized our ability to get beautiful group shots.

I was VERY satisfied with the speed and efficiency in which we received our products, as well as the service we received with our follow up order of photo books for our mothers.

I would definitely recommend your services to a friend. We are grateful that you were willing to customize your services while still providing the level of service that captured all the important moments of our special day"

Monique Bussie

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